Non Serviceable Areas within UAE

Out of service areas are excluded from our normal delivery policy.

We may be unable to deliver to these areas. In this case, orders would have to be collected from our Al Barsha 2 branch. If a delivery is possible, it may take up to 14 days and incur an additional charge (AED 300 instead of the regular charge for that Emirate).

The areas listed below are just for reference, once we have your location pin, we can confirm if it falls under an "Out of Service Area".

Some areas listed below are serviceable if the location is not problematic in terms of logistics (Palm Jumeirah for example: all residences are serviceable, some hotels are not).

Generally, areas outside of a major city road network are considered out of service. We have a 100km radius from our Al Barsha branch. If your location is outside of that radius, it may be considered out of service. Some areas within a 100km radius may also be considered out of service depending on the circumstances.

Out of Service Areas

  • All Free zones
  • All Airports
  • All Industrial Areas
  • Some Shopping Malls (That have after business hours delivery windows)
  • All areas without a proper road network